Learn to create diagrams like flow-charts and business process diagrams. This course teaches how to get the most from this powerful package


Suitable for All Levels

40 Lessons : 2 Hours

Certification Awarded

1 Year access

Skills You will have at the end of the Course

  • Create a Visio drawing using the best match template available
  • Set up of the drawing page
  • Plan a flow chart with correct shapes and connectors
  • Use hyperlinks and layers within a drawing
  • Set up customised stencils and templates

Course overview

.Visio is a superb design package which makes creating diagrams like flow-charts and business process diagrams a snap. This course teaches how to get the most from this package. It will explain the details of a process chart, connectors, managing shapes, layering and shape properties.  Attendees will explore the techniques for producing professionally finished process charts and discover the full use of Visio in their workplace.


No prior knowledge is required


At the end of the course, you’ll be Certified by the Irish Academy of Computer Training


Who would benefit

New and existing users of VISIO wishing to gain the most from the package.

Why take the Course

To learn how to create drawings using Visio templates. To be able create drawings using the Visio drawing tools and create templates for custom drawings. To benefit from all the techniques that Visio equips the user with in order to create drawings in minutes. To understand the benefits and usage of layers in Visio. Learn to integrate Visio with other applications in Windows.

Course curriculum

Section 1: Visio

In this first section, you’ll learn

  • Explore the Drawing Environment
  • Work with Visio Shapes on a drawing page
  • Setting up the drawing page
  • Working with Shapes
  • Working with Text and their link to shapes
  • Printing options
Section 2: Connected Drawings
  • Using Connectors
  • Methods of Connecting
  • Editing Connection points
  • Arranging Shapes
  • Different types of connected templates available
Section 3: Organisational Charts
  • Using the Org Chart Template
  • Using the Organizational Chart Wizard
Section 4: Creating Shapes and Layers
  • Creating Simple Shapes
  • Positioning Shapes
  • Working with shapes in a group
  • Organizing your shapes with layers
Section 5: Creating Stencils, Templates and Styles
  • Creating Stencils and saving them
  • Creating templates, saving them and using them with a team
Section 6: Other Template types
  • Calendar templates
  • Timelines
  • PERT / Gantt Diagrams
  • Network Drawings