Excel Course Intermediate

This Intermediate Excel Course will supercharge your Microsoft Excel Skills to the next level. You’ll learn how to be an expert at Analyzing Data and displaying it with Pivot Tables and Dashboards


Choose 2016, 2013 or 2010

9 Modules : 116 Lessons

Certification Awarded

1 Year access

Bite-size videos show you how to use Excel

See some examples below of lessons that will help you learn Microsoft Excel

Create Charts
Create Charts
Build Pivot Tables
Build Pivot Tables
Analyse Data
Analyse Data
Use IF Statements
Use IF Statements

What's included in this Course


Analyzing Data

Know how to analyze data in Excel to make better decisions

Analyzing Data in Excel

If you work with lists and tables – you need to turn data into information

3 Modules : 26 Videos : 1 Year

Master Skills

Discover How to Make Beautiful Charts in Excel

Excel Charts

Display the meaning behind the numbers, making comparisons and trends easier to see

3 Modules : 27 Videos : 1 Year

Master Skills

Pivot Tables made easy – everything you need to know

Excel Reporting & Dashboards

Be Brilliant at using Pivot Tables and Dashboards to impress your Boss and Colleagues

3 Modules : 63 Videos : 1 Year

Course Outline


Module 1 : Working with Lists

In Excel you’ll more than likely be working with Lists. Here you’ll find out how to; Apply a Sort; Apply a Filter; Flash Fill; and Text to Column. Then progress to more Advanced Formats and Filters such as; Custom Formats; Conditional Formatting; Data Bars & Icons; Custom Lists & Sorts; Advanced Filter; and Filter by Colour.

10 Lessons : 1 Quiz

Module 2 : Data Tools

This module covers; Flash Fill & Strings; Remove Duplicates; Data Validation; Consolidate; Goal seek; Scenarios; Data Table; Forecast Sheet; and Subtotal & Grouping.

9 Lessons : 1 Quiz

Module 3 : Tables

Module 10 shows you all about Tables; Creating a Table; Table options and design; Entering Data; Slicers; Summarising with a PivotTable; Remove Duplicates; and Converting a table to a range.

7 Lessons : 1 Quiz

Module 4: Inserting Objects

Sometimes in Excel it’s useful to insert objects. This short module explains how by showing you how to insert; Pictures; Text Boxes; Creating a Chart; Basic Editing of a Chart; and Hyperlinks.

5 Lessons : 1 Quiz

Module 5 : Sparklines and Charts

This module is split into two related topics, Sparklines and Charts. Find out how to; Insert a Sparkline; Edit a Sparkline; Group and Ungroup Sparklines; Sparkline Axis Options; and Delete a Sparkline. Then learn how to; Insert & Delete a Chart; Move & Resize a Chart; Different Types of Charts; New Chart Types in Excel 2016; Quick Layouts; Add a Chart Element; Chart Styles; and Selecting Multiple Ranges to Chart.

13 Lessons : 1 Quiz

Module 6 : Advanced Charts

Once you’re used to working with Charts, it’ll handy to know the more Advanced Chart features, this module talks you through; Showing Filters in a Chart; Format parts of a Chart; Advanced Axis Options; Creating a secondary Axis; Adding a Trendline; Saving the Chart as a Template; Pie and Line Charts; Change Chart type for one series; and Charting with Negative Values.

9 Lessons : 1 Quiz

Module 7 : Intro to Pivot Tables

Pivot Tables are one of Excel’s most powerful features. They allow you to get data from a larger data set. This Module explains how.

We show you to utilize the inbuilt recommended Pivot Tables in Microsoft

We walk you through step-by-step examples of how to create your own Pivot Tables and how to edit them

Once you have your Pivot Table, we show you how to utilize it

10 Lessons : 1 Quiz

Module 8 : More Advanced Pivot Tables

Slicers and Timelines – You’ll be able to filter your Pivot Table with Slicers and Timelines and see what Filters are applied

Pivot Charts – Find out how to easily represent, visually, the data in your Pivot Table, in the form of Pivot Charts. How to get the Data, Filter Connections and Design your Table

7 Lessons : 1 Quiz

Module 9 : Dashboards

An introduction to Dashboards – Excel Dashboards are a very powerful way to improve your Excel Data visualization. We start at the beginning and guide step by step using examples

More Advanced Dashboards – Over 45 bite-size lessons we show you Styles, examples, the Camera Tool, and how to make your amazing Dashboard truly interactive

46 Lessons : 1 Quiz

Skills you'll have

Create a wide range of powerful spreadsheets
Calculate expenses
Design budgets and generate invoices
Perform sales analysis
Create and enhance interesting charts

You'll know how to

Perform data analysis
Create advanced charts with trend lines
Understand more complex spreadsheets
Use conditional formatting to highlight key data
Use Excel to complete previously manual tasks


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