Excel Course for Beginners

This Excel Course is suitable for everyone. If you’re new to the Excel application or looking for a refresher course, this course is ideal. You will learn the foundations of Excel with this course.


Choose 2016, 2013 or 2010

7 Modules : 72 Lessons

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1 Year access

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Excel Specialist Skills Online Course
Navigate Excel
Format Cells
Format Cells
Apply Filters
Apply Filters
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Enter Formulas

What's included in this Course


Master Skills

Understand the Basics of Excel Step-by-Step

Excel Foundations

Start here and know all the essential tools in Excel – and how to get the most out of them

4 Modules : 42 Videos : 1 Year

Master Skills

Discover useful Excel Formula’s and Functions

Excel Formulas & Functions

Put your calculator in the bin, let Excel do it all and save yourself hours of work each week with these useful functions

3 Modules : 30 Videos : 1 Year

Course Outline


Module 1 : Start Up and Interface

In this first Excel module you’ll learn the essentials of navigating Excel; the Excel interface, Quick access Toolbar, Tabs and Ribbons, Formula Bar, Workbooks, Status Bar and how to Save and Close Excel worksheets.

8 Lessons : 1 Quiz

Module 2 : Formatting and Editing Cells

Module 2 shows you everything you need to know about Formatting and Editing Cells. You’ll find lessons on Formatting Font; Alignment of Contents; Merge and Center; Cell Styles; Formatting Numbers; Formatting Currency; Formatting Dates; Formatting Percentages; Clear All Formatting; In Cell Editing; Formula Bar Editing; Cut, Copy and Paste; Format Painter; Find & Select; AutoFill with Text; AutoFill with Numbers; and AutoFill with Dates.

17 Lessons : 1 Quiz

Module 3 : Worksheets

When you use Excel, you’ll be using Worksheets. After this module you’ll know how to Format a Worksheet and be proficient at; Inserting and Editing Cell Contents; Editing Height and Width; Inserting and Deleting; Rows/Columns/Cells; Organise Sheets; Hiding and Unhiding. Then there’s more advanced sheet options like; Copying a Sheet; Grouping Sheets; Freeze panes; Headers and Footers; Custom Views; Arrange All & New Window; and Linking sheets.

12 Lessons : 1 Quiz

Module 4 : Printing

Excel worksheets can contain large numbers of rows and columns, and the day will come when you need to print the data. This short module shows you what you need to know. Lesson cover; Printing Options; Print Preview; Scale to Fit; Editing Margins & Orientation; Print Titles, Gridlines & Headings; and Print One Sheet and Multiple Sheets.

5 Lessons : 1 Quiz

Module 5 : Formula

Being able to use Formula it’s what makes Excel such a time-saving application. In this module you’ll find lessons on all the Basic Formula you’ll need; Operators; Sum; Average; Max; Min; Count Functions; Round; and Use of AutoSum.

Module 6 : Defining and Auditing Formula

Once you understand the basic Formula, it’s a small step to Auditing and Referencing them. In this module, find out about; Defining and Auditing Formula; Absolute and Relative Referencing; Name Manager; Formula auditing; Watch Window; and Calculation Options.

Module 7 : Functions

Functions are ready-made Formula that are already in Excel. This module shows you all you need to know about them with lessons covering; Simple IF Statements; Nested IF Statement; IF AND Statement. Also find our how to use Lookup Functions such as; VLookup Same Sheet; VLookup involving 2 Sheets; VLookup involving 2 Workbooks; VLookup with closest match option; HLookup; and Comparing 2 Columns.
The latter lessons cover the other key Functions; Quick Analysis Tool; Countif & Sumif; Sumifs & Countifs; Date Functions; Database Functions; Text Functions; Indirect Function; and 3D References.

17 Lessons : 1 Quiz

Skills you'll have

Create a wide range of powerful spreadsheets
Calculate expenses
Design budgets and generate invoices
Perform sales analysis
Create and enhance interesting charts

You'll know how to

Perform data analysis
Create advanced charts with trend lines
Understand more complex spreadsheets
Use conditional formatting to highlight key data
Use Excel to complete previously manual tasks


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