Excel Advanced

Suitable for advanced Excel users. You will learn how to use Excel to automate complex tasks. The course provides a solid foundation in Excel VBA


Choose 2016, 2013 or 2010

5 Modules : 97 Lessons

Certification Awarded

1 Year access

Bite-size videos show you how to use Excel

See some examples below of lessons that will help you learn Microsoft Excel

Create Charts
Protect & Share
Build Pivot Tables
Identify & Correct Errors
Macro Security
Macro Security

What's included in this Course


Master Skills

Design Safe, Re-usable, Secure, Scalable Spreadsheets

Protection, Security & Design

Be Your Company’s Excel Architect by creating spreadsheets that are secure, scaleable and robust

2 Modules : 30 Videos : 1 Year

Master Skills

Discover everything you need to know about Macros & VBA

Recording Macros & VBA

Automate all the repetitive Excel tasks and save you and your company endless hours

4 Modules : 67 Videos : 1 Year

Course Outline


Module 1 : Protection & Sharing

Protecting Your Workbook – Find out how to add a password to protect your entire workbook and control who can make changes to it

Sharing Your Workbook – The different ways you can share your workbook with others and track changes

5 Lessons : 1 Quiz

Module 2 : Structure & Design

Structure and Design Fundamentals – If you are building a workbook that others will use, you need to know the principles and watch-outs in this module.

Instructions, Summary sheets and Control Sheets – When you do share your workbook, you’ll need to explain to others how to use, provide summaries and keep a track of version control. This module shows you how.

Identify errors and Preparing to Review – This module explains how you can have the peace of mind that what you are distributing is correct.

25 Lessons : 1 Quiz

Module 3 : Recording Macros

The Macro Essentials – We explain what Macros are, why you might need them and how to record and run a Macro

How to Develop Macros – Where to run them, How to Create your own Macro Workbooks and Create your own Tabs and Ribbons, plus Macro Security

13 Lessons : 1 Quiz

Module 4: Intro to VBA & Macro Recorder

Introduction to Macro Recorder – We clearly explain the Macro Recorder and VBA

Macro Recorder – Part 1  – Examples of Macros in different environments: To format cells to currencies, to swap columns, to use Relative References

Macro Recorder – Part 2 – Discover further examples and progress to more complex Macros, like Creating Pivot Charts and Tables

23 Lessons : 1 Quiz

Module 5 : Forms, Loops and Functions

Forms – Find out how to create a switchboard Form to call our previous Macros.  Add a button to the ribbon to display the form and then manipulate date automatically

Loops – Discover how to Loop Through Data in various ways and start to create re-usable VBA code.

User Defined Functions – We explain what User Defined Functions are, How to create them and show you how to conduct error handling and de-bugging in VBA.

21 Lessons : 1 Quiz

Module 6 : Automation, Security & Language

Automating Word, PowerPoint and Outlook from Excel – In this module we show you how to automate those tasks where you need to export data from Excel into other documents.

Security & Language – We explain how to use the Personal Macro workbook, Macro Security and have a run through of all the VBA Language you need to know

10 Lessons : 1 Quiz

Skills you'll have

Create a wide range of powerful spreadsheets
Calculate expenses
Design budgets and generate invoices
Perform sales analysis
Create and enhance interesting charts

You'll know how to

Perform data analysis
Create advanced charts with trend lines
Understand more complex spreadsheets
Use conditional formatting to highlight key data
Use Excel to complete previously manual tasks


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