Adobe InDesign

Learn Adobe InDesign CC to design a magazine, a brochure, and more. Go from beginner to advanced in editorial design. You’ll Master the art of creative page layout with Adobe InDesign


Suitable for all levels

91 Lessons : 14 Hours

Certification Awarded

1 Year access

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Skills You will have at the end of the Course

  • To design for print and screen
  • Design and create professional documents from scratch
  • Work with text and images and create artwork for posters, fliers and ads
  • Save time working with styles and master pages
  • Use interactive elements for a more engaging user experience
  • Learn the design principles of layout design

Course overview

Go from Zero to Hero on this course that takes you through the Key fundamentals of this amazing layout application.


Course participants must have good computer, file management, keyboard and mouse skills. No prior knowledge of InDesign is required.


At the end of the course, you’ll be Certified by the Irish Academy of Computer Training


Who would benefit

Existing InDesign users, beginners looking to get an understanding of Adobe InDesign, or upskill to a career into the following creative areas, desktop publishing, graphic design, advertising, marketing, online digital publishing.

Why take the Course

To become proficient in InDesign, to be able to produce a wide range artwork. This includes being able to create and edit long documents, brochures, magazines, annual  reports, posters, flyers, press ads and point of sale artwork and design.

Course curriculum

Part 1 : Indesign Course Curriculum

We start with the following topics


  • The Workspace
  • Take a look around
  • Panels and Palettes


  • Starting a New Document
  • Print vs Screen
  • Spreads or Singles
  • Margins and Columns
  • Page layout concepts
  • Bleed
  • Intro to PDF


  • Basic Drawing objects
  • Document Navigation, Zooming and Panning
  • The Stacking order
  • An Introduction to Layers
  • Grouping and Isolation mode
  • The White arrow


  • Alignment Tools
  • Pathfinder and Shape making
  • Vectors and Anchor points


  • Working with Images
  • Adobe Bridge
  • The Place command
  • Rectangle Frame tool
  • Fitting options
  • Linked files
  • Errors
  • Resolution and Colour space


  • Intro to Text
  • Basic Character formatting
  • Leading Tracking Kerning
  • Text Alignment
  • The Pasteboard


  • The Surfer exercise day 1 recap from zero to hero
Part 2 : Indesign Course Curriculum

The progress through these areas

  • Output to PDF
  • Print settings, Screen settings, Interactive settings
  • Export to other file formats


  • The Swatches palette
  • Gradient swatches
  • Tint swatches
  • Pantone References


  • Text advanced
  • Tabs
  • Rules
  • Tables
  • Paragraph formatting
  • Styles
  • TOC
  • Text boxes
  • Linking
  • Flowing
  • Columns


  • Working with pages
  • Pagination
  • Spreads and singles
  • Master pages
  • Page numbering


  • Overview of online content


  • Recipes layout exercise recap of Day 2