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Microsoft Excel Courses

You can choose from a selection of courses in Excel. Courses for Excel Beginners, Courses for more Advanced users and specific Courses in a particular area, like Excel Dashboards.

If you want to be an Excel Power-user, you may be interested in our Excel Master Diploma.

Microsoft Office Courses

You can choose from a selection of courses in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access. If you work with Microsoft Office on a daily basis, these courses will benefit you.

We also run ECDL Courses and Courses that prepare you for MOS Certification.

Graphic Design Courses

If you’re looking for a career as a Graphic Designer, or perhaps you work in a Graphic Design department and want to rely on an agency less, you’ll love our Adobe Courses.

You can discover the power of the Adobe applications, or become a Graphic Design Master.

Development Courses

Web Development Courses – if you’re interested in being a web developer, you’ll like our courses in HTML, Javascript, ASP.NET and PHP & MySQL.

If developing Databases is more your thing, you’ll enjoy our Database Master Diploma.

Computer Programming Courses

If you’re like to step into the world behind the screen, then we have Programming course in all the main languages that you need in today’s world.

A lot of people start with our Foundations in Programming Course and then specialise.

Other Courses

If you’re looking to get the most out of a device or software, you can view our other courses here. Choose from Apple, Google, Windows and loads  more.

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