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IACT Certification
CPD Certification

CPD Certification

All IACT’s courses result in CPD Certification.

CPDContinuing Professional Development in any field is vital to stay on top of changes in techniques and processes and especially changes in technology. Many professional bodies representing accountants, doctors, pilots and many other professional bodies require members to complete a certain number of CPD hours per year.

IACT’s courses meet these requirements and each hour of learning counts as 2 hours of CPD credits. Courses with projects and exams can count for a lot more.

So if part of your annual professional development requires CPD credits – we’ve got you covered.

ECDL Certification

ECDL Certification

ECDL – European Computer Driving Licence

We run ECDL Courses that will get you ready to pass your ECDL exams. The exams can be taken at IACT.

MOS Office Specialist Badges

MOS Office Specialist

Microsoft Office Specialist

We run Microsoft Courses that will get you ready to pass your MOS exams. IACT can assist you with arranging the MOS Exams.

IACT Master

IACT Master

IACT’s Exclusive Master Diplomas

When you complete all courses in a Category, pass all the online exams, plus submit an in-depth project, you will be awarded a Master Diploma. You can choose to become an Excel Master or Graphic Design Master